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Counselor's Corner

Hello, my name is Nancy Sykes.  I am the school counselor for intermediate school.  As a school counselor, I perform a variety of different duties for the campus.  I teach classroom guidance lessons on a variety of age related topics including conflict resolution, problem solving, test taking strategies, and career development.  Lessons are customized to fit our campus.  Additionally, I supervise the gifted and talented students and serve as the coordinator for section 504 meetings, LPAC meetings, and state testing.    
Students can meet with me on an individual or group basis, depending on need.  I am also available for parent consultation.  There are a few ways a child can be referred for counseling support on campus:
(1) a parent can refer a child
(2) a teacher can refer a child
(3) in some cases, the child can refer himself or herself for assistance.  
Forms are available upon request.  Please feel free to contact me by phone or email.  
The campus phone number is (254) 982 -0150.  My email address is  
Looking forward to working with you and your child.  Go Bees!